Beginner Jazz Drum Lesson

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Learn How To Play Beginner Jazz!

Now in this lesson we are going to learn some beginner jazz techniques. One of the most important things to understand out about jazz music is that i primarily triplet based. Your drumming will be based on the eighth note triplet, which is counted one trip let, two trip let, three trip let, four trip let. Once you have a good understanding of eighth note triplets, you break up that pattern. Counting the triplets, the ride cymbal is pattern is played: one rest rest, two rest let, three rest rest, four rest let. This will be that pattern for all of the exercises on the his page. After you get the ride cymbal pattern down, it is time to add the hi-hat with the left foot. We are going to be playing the hi-hat on beats two and four. As you progress through the exercises we'll add some basic snare and bass drum patterns.


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