Single Stroke Roll

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Learn How To Play The Single Stroke Roll!

The first rudiment we are going to discuss is the single stroke roll. It is easiest and most common rudiment you will play. The rudiment consists of alternating strokes between the right and left hand. The pattern is simply: right, left, right, left, and so on and so on. Although this rudiment is very basic, it is essential that you play and develop it properly. Since the single stroke roll is so common in all styles and genres of music it is a must that you play it smoothly and evenly, and don't develop any bad habits while playing the single stroke roll.

Examples 1 and 2 are a full bar examples of the rudiment.

Example 3 is also a full bar example, but with a bar long drum beat leading into it.

Example 4 extends the lead in drum beat by a half a bar, and follows it with a half bar single stroke roll pattern.

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