Beginner Drum Fills

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Learn How To Play Beginner Drum Fills!

In this lesson you are going to learn the fundamentals of playing drum fills and I'm also going to teach you some of my favorite beginner drum fills.

The main purpose of a fill is to release the tension that the beat has built up. If you continuously play the same beat throughout the entire song, it will sound very boring and you will begin to sound like a drum machine.

A drum fill can be as long or a short as you want it to be. Sometimes fills will begin to sound like a solo because of the amount of bars it is being played over. The first thing you need is a good knowledge of rhythm. You'll want to understand all of the note values, they all apply to drum fills. It's also important to make sure that the fill you play fits the style of music that you are playing. Throughout the program we are going to explore various styles of drum fills. From this beginner lesson to: Eighth Note, Intermediate, and Advanced Fills

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