Single Paradiddle

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Learn How To Play The Single Paradiddle!

Learn how to lay the single paradiddle in this video drum lesson. The single pardiddle is one of my favorite rudiments to play. You are able to play endless amounts of unique drum beats and fills just by using the single paradiddle pattern. The best way to understand the sticking of the single paradiddle is by just pronouncing the name of the rudiment: pardiddle. "Para" represents to alternating strokes between the right and left hands, and the "diddle" represents a double stroke. If I were to play the rudiment, the sticking would be: right, left, right, right. After that first sequence of the paradiddle I would now start with the left hand: left, right, left, left, and just continue to alternate between right hand lead and left hand lead.

Once you have mastered the single paradiddle be sure to check out the double paradiddle. The double paradiddle is a little more difficult, but these two rudiments will help take your drumming to the next level.

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