Sixteenth Note Triplet Beats

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Learn How To Play Sixteenth Note Triplet Beats!

In this video drum lesson we are going to learn some sixteenth note triplet beats. Sixteenth note triplets are similar to eighth note triplets, but now there are twice as many notes per bar. A lot of people find sixteenth note triplets hard to count because they can get quite fast. The easiest way I found to count them is "one trip let and trip let, two trip let and trip let, etc". This counting scheme is almost identical to that of the eighth note triplets, but now we are adding in the "and, trip, let".

Once you get comfortable with counting and playing sixteenth note triplets you will be able to feel the notes and will be able to avoid counting all together.

These beats will take a lot of practice and effort on your part to master, but if you take them slow and speed them up gradually, you will have them mastered in no time.