Double Stroke Roll Beats

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Learn How To Play Double Stroke Roll Beats!

Now in this drum lesson we are going to go through some double stroke roll drum beats. Instead of only playing one stroke per hand like in the single stroke, you will need to play two strokes per hand. When playing the double stroke try to play each stroke with your wrist, and don't rely on the bounce you get after striking the drum. Once you get to a certaing speed you need to use the bounce because your wrists are unable to keep up, but try your hardest to play the double stroke with your wrists to build up strength in your wrists.

In the video, I show you an example on the hi-hat of switching between single and double strokes. You will be able to see that I start with the singles and bounced the doubles on top of the hi-hat. It's easier to bounce the stick from higher up on the hi-hat.

All of the exercises on this page focus on playing double strokes on the hi-hat. They start off with relatively simple eighth note values and progress to note values as quick as thirty-secondths. By the end of the lessons, you should have developed good skill with playing double strokes on the hi-hat within the context of a drum beat.